Author - Over Bosnia during President Clinton's visit in 1999



Special Agent PJ Morley and Mexican gang leader Alvaro Lopez grew up worlds apart in every respect except one. Early in life both learned about good and evil. They saw there was a chasm between the two that couldn’t be traversed without potentially fatal consequences. Now, from opposite sides of the chasm they face each other, knowing they must cross, praying they survive. The two men are brought together on the dank basement floor of a police station in the Bahamas. One savagely beaten, the other with a bullet wound, courtesy of the corrupt island police. Now, their lives, and more importantly the lives of those they love, are inextricably linked. Both are unknowingly involved with a serial killer, a monster who has plied his grisly trade for over a decade. While the monster has spent years mastering techniques of torture and death, he has not overlooked other aspects of his vocation. He has developed and implemented a nearly flawless system which includes a tripwire, and a means of diverting suspicion if law enforcement were to close in. He has been meticulous and taken everything into consideration in the execution of his plan; everything that is except, A Sense of Justice.





I could not put this book down! I found it on line when searching my favorite genre. The writing style is similar to John Grisham, David Baldacci and Margaret Truman. This is a fast paced thriller, thoughtfully articulated. There is a lot of detail regarding the intricacies of how law enforcement investigates crimes, artfully explained for a lay person with a fascination for police work. I have stumbled on several new series by being a Prime member and being sent a “first read” at the beginning of every month. I’ve become hooked on several authors vis-a-vie Amazon Prime. This author sets the stage for an exciting series, can’t wait for the next in the series!


Amazon Review, Dec 17, 2019

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Author - Sarajevo, Bosnia, 1997



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